I’m a new dad. New enough that saying “I’m a dad” still feels really strange. I’ve always wanted to be a dad. Seriously, always. As long as I can remember. My son, who I’ll call C, was born in April of 2014. The intervening days have crawled by in slow motion, each day something new. But the months are gone in a flash. I’m also a grad student pursuing a Ph.D. in music education. Before grad school I was a music teacher and high school band director in Florida for a good chunk of years. My wife/C’s mom, who I’ll call Dr. E, is a music professor. Our lives have become a pretty entertaining (and exhausting) juggling act since C showed up. That’s what this blog is about, working out and writing through this complicated, frustrating, and absolutely wonderful phase of life. Learning on all fronts. Dad School/Grad School. This is a place for me, and hopefully others, to keep track of the days so maybe the months will slow down too.

Here’s the happy family on our first road trip. C is facing backwards (safety first). But that’s Dr. E and me, along with some tasty treats. Life is better with snacks.



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