The Long Goodbye- Prologue


Sometimes you can’t wait until your out of your PJ’s. Sometimes you just have to move.

We’re moving to Charlotte in July. Dr. E has accepted a fantastic tenure track position down in Charlotte, and its time for us to move on. Its strange to type, even stranger to say out loud. We are moving. After five years Champaign Urbana has become a home in a way we never could have expected. We sat still long enough and found ourselves rooted in this rich ground. So much life lived, so much growing in this little dot in the midst of all that corn.  We found community, with all its flaws and imperfections.

With the busyness of the upcoming move I was worried that I would let time slip away without really processing all that I’ve experienced here in this place, without really saying goodbye. I’ll have a chance to say goodbye to the people I hold dear, but I wanted to reflect on the places in which I have been lucky to live my life over the past five years. My plan is to post one per day, but we’ll see how that works out. Here goes.

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