Ireland: Day -1

Tomorrow my family and I are taking a trip to Ireland. Such an adventure might be commonplace where you are from, but its kind of a big deal for me. In fact, I’ve only ever had one opportunity to leave the country up to this point. But I didn’t take it. We were on a vacation out to Glacier National Park and our plan was to spend an afternoon in Waterton, Canada. Leading up to the trip I kept forgetting to submit my passport application. So instead of piling into the car to make the short trek north with my fellow campers, I had to sit on the front porch of the Rising Sun Motor Inn, reading “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and drinking can after can of Moose Drool. It was a glorious few hours. The backdrop for that afternoon:


That was a bit of an aside, but the point is that this Ireland trip is a big deal for me. I’ve gotten to see some cool things in my life, but have never set foot on someone else’s soil. Now after years of talking about it, and months of planning, its really going to happen. Five of us are going, Dr. E, me, C, and my folks. We’ve spent the day packing, cleaning, discussing the itinerary, visiting the farmers market, and eating custard. C seems to know that something is up and was in rare form, quite a bit of dancing and general hilarity all day long.  Here he is at the farmer’s market walking with my dad.


I think we’re ready to go, but that doesn’t mean I have much of a clue about what to expect. Well, exhaustion. I imagine that the end result of traveling across the ocean with a 15-month old will always result in exhaustion. But we’re going to earn that exhaustion.

I’m going to do my best to blog at some point each day, wifi permitting. Hopefully with a lot of pictures. Feel free to follow along if you’d like.

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